Custom tek offers a variety of procurement, support and maintenance services in the commercial / industry weighing sector

Custom Tek Ltd service to you

In line with other high quality Service providers, our Engineers are Avetta and Safe contractor accredited.

Custom Tek engineers can offer you much more than this, however. Understandably engineers representing a particular manufacturer will only carry out work on their own systems but we know that our customers frequently have systems built up over time using various different manufacturers and brands. Each of these different machines will require regular repairs, maintenance and performance calibration checks. This can be inconvenient to schedule and is where costs can really start mounting up. Custom Tek engineers have experience with most makes and models, including Ramsey, Milltronics, Avery, Rowecon, Westweigh and many more, so they can carry out work on various manufacturer’s machines in a single visit, saving you time and money.

These are some of the professional services that Custom Tek can offer you. If you don’t see what you need then please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Custom Tek always advise considering the option of ‘refurbishing’ your existing equipment as an alternative to purchasing new. There are many benefits to this option, including not having to pay for increased functionality on a new machine that is unnecessary to you and will never be used.


We supply all types of spares and can provide compatible options when manufacturers branded spares are over budget.


We offer on-site training covering all aspects of your systems. Our bespoke training courses are tailored to your specific needs, encompassing all user levels including operators and engineers. All of our training is delivered by our experienced, friendly and technically knowledgeable personnel.


We are agents for several large manufacturers and we will offer the best solution for your

Project. Unlike most companies we are not limited to offering one option only.


We offer calibrations with certified weights and can supply various service contracts dependent on the application importance.


We will supply emailed copies of instruction manuals for most leading companies’ products free of charge.


We offer a range of Service contracts from once a year to several times a year at preferential rates and we can tailor service visits to incorporate several sites, to further save costs.

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