Ramsey C-Level

The Thermo Scientific Ramsey C-Level continuous level indicator's unique precision strain gauge sensors are press-fit into a vessel’s support structure, so there is no concern for failure or maintenance issues caused by difficult materials or harsh process environments



The Thermo Scientific Ramsey C-Level continuous level indicator's unique precision strain gauge sensors are press-fit into a vessel’s support structure, so there is no concern for failure or maintenance issues caused by difficult materials or harsh process environments. This ensures that your process operates at its optimum level of performance. It will increase your profits and improve your bottom line.

Features and Benefits

  • Precision electronic strain sensing with hermetically-sealed stainless steel strain sensor
  • Sensor mounted externally to the bin, which eliminates contamination or corrosion that can result from contact with the monitored product
  • Incorporation of the sensor as an integral part of the support member cancels temperature effects common to so-called “bolt-on” sensors, eliminating the need for protective insulation

The Thermo Scientific Ramsey C-Level continuous level indicator is ideally suited for inventory monitoring and process control during the load-out or filling of bins and vessels containing bulk solids or liquids. Because its unique precision strain gauge sensors are press-fit into the vessel’s support structure, the system can operate without concern for failure or maintenance issues caused by the monitored material or process environment. This distinctive design also compensates for temperature changes that can affect the accuracy of bolt-on strain sensors. Accurate to within ±2%, the Ramsey C-Level indicator is unaffected by corrosive
or abrasive materials, uneven material discharge, build-up on sidewalls, bridging, rat-holing or dusting.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey CL-100 Control

Simple operation and ease of calibration have made this a favorite with users worldwide. The microprocessor-based control uses inputs from up to eight sensors to calculate and display the material level on an easy-to-read LED bar graph.

The system is easily calibrated using the keypad on the front panel. Two different material levels are used to calibrate the system: one high point and one low point. The microprocessor does the rest. It automatically averages the outputs from
the sensors and indicates the material level from 0-100%. High and low alarm set-points are also adjustable from the keypad. There's even a fixed set-point at 102% of bin capacity to indicate overflow conditions. All of the set-up and calibration information is retained in a non-volatile EEPROM.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey
Digital C-Level Controls
This device is a low-cost, microprocessor- based control with digital readout.
Its 16-digit alphanumeric display and membrane keyboard make set-up and calibration very easy. This highly flexible device will display weights in tons, pounds, grams, kilograms or percent. It can act as
a simple batching control or as a weight transmitter with optional 4-20 mA
or RS-485 serial communications.

The system is available as a compact panel mount DIN version (Model DCL-100) or as a field mount NEMA-4X version (Model DCLF-100).

Thermo Scientific Ramsey
GZ-1 Strain Sensor
Filling any vessel or bin supported by metal members causes the supports to deform due to the addition of material weight. Although

this deformation is so slight that it cannot be seen, it can be accurately measured by the sensor. When installed, this stainless steel sensor actually becomes part of the support structure. Its unique shape and full wheatstone bridge design cancel most of the effects caused by temperature changes. Once the sensor is electrically excited, a change in the strain of a support member will result in a proportional change to the output signal of the sensor. The sensor

has been successfully applied to I-beam, angle, pipe and skirted silo supports
in over 100,000 installations. It comes complete with a special installation tool for easy installation.

Tank Weighing Assemblies

Compression tank weighing assemblies are available as an option for the Ramsey C-Level system. Tank weighing assemblies used in conjunction with the Ramsey DCL and DCLF

controllers can achieve accuracies of 0.5% or better. They are self-checking and available in sizes from 1,000 pounds to 300,000 pounds, eliminating the need for stay rod assemblies. They feature 150% compression overload protection and can withstand 100% of their rated capacity in any direction with a UBC-88 rating for seismic zones one through four.

Tension S-Beam Load Cells

When weighing for level indication in hanging bins, such as day bins or ingredient bins, the Ramsey C-Level system utilizes tension load cells. They are available in capacities of 200 pounds to 20,000 pounds and can provide accuracies of 0.5% or better. The load cells are rated for 150% overload and have normal deflections of 0.015 inches to 0.025 inches at full capacity.

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